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mary winchester by caugraphics
- I'm incredibly excited about the amazing turnout for the 100 Days of Color project. We've almost got every single day filled. But even if we don't meet our goal, just the thought of the awesome picspams, fanmixes, meta/essays, fic that will be coming our way; every single one of them about a character or entertainer of color. Ahhhh!

- I'm sorting out master lists and tags for the two dead communities that I'm attempting to bring back to life [try_this_fic and reflections_2 - both dedicated to anime/manga/video games fandoms]. I need to work out the next challenge for yaoi_challenge which desperately needs some activity.

- I'm going to ask for submissions for the Hottest Anime Character of 2009 sometime today. Don't know how that will go over. It's all in fun!


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