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mary winchester by caugraphics
- Prompts are being accepted for the newest round of springkink. Please read instructions carefully and submit prompts here.

- The Choose Your Author deadline @ yaoi_challenge is fast approaching. The Obscure Fandom/Pairing challenge is next, deadline to be set for sometime in May. I am trying to set up 4 regular annual challenges at the community to be run on a schedule; challenges that can become tradition.

- It's getting harder and harder to get monthly volunteers for try_this_fic. I'm thinking of changing the format up, just slightly. Maybe getting regular reccers who can post recs as they discover them. I'm not sure right now, still mulling things over.

I've had a tough last couple of months so I'm just trying to get things back up and running.

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Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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